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We had a fantastic meal with great, friendly service. Thoroughly recommended. Our favourite sushi restaurant in Cambridge.

Emily, 20 Feb 2019

  Reply : Thank you very much. Hope to see you again soon.

Usually get very efficient service and very good value for money in Japas. Would strongly recommend them for Japanese food in Cambridge

Peter, 15 Feb 2019

  Reply : Thank you very much for your review and hope to see you again soon

Always excellent

Chris, 25 Jan 2019

  Reply : Thank you for your review. We thank you continued support and hope to see you again soon

v gd

Thomas, 16 Jan 2019

  Reply : Thank you for your review

your credit card connection needs to be secure. your offer codes need to work for online as well as telephone, would you rather i called you or ordered online? food can sometimes arrive a bit cold.

Oliver, 12 Jan 2019

  Reply : Thank you for your review. We have different offers at different times, So customers can choose themselves. The online payment system is not controlled by us, but we will forward the feedback to our provider. Sometimes, due to orders coming at the same time and the bad traffic, delivery can sometimes take longer than expected, hence some food might get cold. We will try to organize it better on our end to manage the cooking time and delivery time better. Sorry.

Love your sushi

Dan, 04 Jan 2019

  Reply : Thank you Dan, we love your Support!

Abundant helpings, great quality

Vitor, 04 Jan 2019

  Reply : Thank you for your review. Hope to see you soon

excellent ordering system, thank you

Wendy, 31 Dec 2018

  Reply : Thank you for your review. We hope to see you again soon

Could do with being travelled in insulating bags as the hot dishes can be cold on arrival so I am reluctant to order those at times. Last order I had 1 hot dish in bag with cold stuff - not sure why as rest of hot stuff was in separate bag

Fiona, 21 Dec 2018

  Reply : Thank you for your review. We are using paper bags which suppose to hold the temperature better and better for the environment than plastic bags. Hot food and cold food should be separated always, we will check with kitchen, packing person and delivery driver to make sure everyone follows.

It would be nice if the menu on the website showed the ingredients of each option more in detail. It is helpful information when dealing with intolerances and food alergies without having to call the restaurant

Santi, 18 Dec 2018

  Reply : Thank you for your review. We are constantly working for improvements. But for allergy information we always advice you to check before your first ordering anyway. Thank you for your continuous support!

Very nice

Esther, 15 Dec 2018

  Reply : Thank you. Please come and visit us in the restaurant next time and we are sure you would enjoy as well.

Very nice!

Esther, 15 Dec 2018

  Reply : Thank you. Hope to see you again soon.

Ordering through the website was ok. The payment system built into the website doesn't work. Using the "click here if payment doesn't work option" seems to do the job, but says the payment goes to "Lytham Pizza Company" instead of e.g. Japas, which is misleading (I nearly cancelled the order because I thought it seemed dodgy!) The order eventually went through, though I didn't get an email confirmation until an hour after it was delivered. I called just to double check, and the staff were very polite and quick to respond. The food arrived far quicker than I expected, which was excellent! The delivery lady was also very nice. The sushi I ordered was very good and very nicely presented. I particularly appreciated the size of the sashimi pieces. Some restaurants give far less, so I was very happy. I was hoping that the katsudon might come with some tonkatsu sauce, but perhaps I just misunderstood the dish. It was a little drier than I would have liked because of this, but otherwise was well cooked and presented. I'd be happy to order from you again! Thank you!

Jashan Bhoora, 01 Dec 2018

  Reply : Thank you for your review and support. The Katsu don, the sauce is already on top of the rice, so it’s all in one and the rice should have been moisture and flavor from the sauce on top, but sometimes due to its delivery and not eating straightaway, the flavor might be not as good. Will check with the chef and see how we can improve. Maybe try to come and visit us as well and get the full dining experience with some Japanese sake as well.

Great food at great prices

Chris, 30 Nov 2018

One of my favourite restaurants! Great selection of sushi from the traditional to the innovative, the best sake selection I've ever seen, lovely piping-hot yakitori, prompt and friendly service. For vegans, I recommend the nasu dengkaku (sweet miso aubergine), yasai tempura, and the tofu steak donburi.

Thomas Parfrey, 17 Nov 2018

Very good food and delivery doesn’t usually take too long, best bang for your buck

Eryk, 10 Nov 2018

Always tasty food

Chris, 09 Nov 2018

The food is always amazing, and I cannot fault the delivery time as it was much faster than anticipated. I'm always excited for when I can eat from Japas again, the price is equal to the quality and the staff are beyond lovely.

Chloe Rule, 04 Nov 2018

Very nice Japanese restaurant in town

Sarah, 01 Nov 2018

Best Japanese food in Cambridge

Susana, 19 Oct 2018

Japas is very reliable and consistent in terms of freshness and quality. In my opinion, there isn't a better sushi place in Cambridgeshire! I would strongly recommend them.

Peter, 19 Oct 2018

You need an option for FUTURE orders - i am ordering this for tomorrow lunch not right now and no way of doing this... please do NOT deliver tonight!!

Vicky, 27 Sep 2018

It would be nice to have a feature for preferred pick up time.

Gal, 15 Sep 2018

Delicious food but the minimum order is a bit high for just two people.

Matt, 09 Sep 2018

The mostly lovely sushi I ever had

Marcelo, 01 Sep 2018

Lovely food, delivered fast - exactly what we wanted.

Charlie, 27 Aug 2018